Multilingual Features

Developer decides which parts / controls to translate
Add languages without rebuilding enabled applications
Supports all versions of PowerBuilder and all character sets
Prints in desired language, without resetting current language
Simple distribution: just install libraries and language database (no DBMS necessary)
Developer license: multi-project, no runtime royalties

Dynamic change of displayed language

Enable changes the active language of PowerBuilder applications dynamically, even during runtime, under direct developer control.

The displayed language can be modified in all parts of the application: user interface, print-outs and even text files. A series of APIs are available to enable the developer to control when and how translations are applied. All languages and all character sets are supported.

By contrast, the old approach (replacement of strings with identifiers) does not allow the displayed language to be changed dynamically, since it must be selected at the time of installation or configuration.

Single source code, single user application

Developers using Enable obtain just one source code which is compiled into just one multilingual application. Subsequent changes to the language database, including the revision of translations and the unrestricted addition of new languages, are made without altering the source code or the executable code in any way.

Simple, low profile enabling of source code

An application becomes multilingual with Enable by making minor changes to the source code, mainly within the Application Framework. These tweaks reflect the way the developer wishes to interact with the translation engine. Program legibility is retained thanks to a series of APIs designed to minimize the impact of localization on the original programs.

Why choose Enable