What is Enable?

Enable is a tool used by PowerBuilder developers to make their applications multilingual.
Using Enable, developers can usually upgrade a simple, monolingual PowerBuilder program with just a few changes to the original code. Excluding translation time, your software can become ready for distribution, with its own multilingual database (.ena) and the royalty-free Enable engine (various .dll and .pbd files), in a matter of hours!

Adding new languages or altering translated text is easy. Just update the multilingual database: no further changes are needed to the source or executable codes.

Enable provides a comprehensive solution for the localization of PowerBuilder applications, covering all properties of all controls, as well as every type and style of DataWindow and MessageBox. This means that even the most complex software can be localised: nested tabfolders, parametric messages and calculated fields? No problem!

Reports can be translated and printed in several languages simultaneously, even without changing the user interface.

Next Step? Download our demo application and get a feel for the results obtainable


  • Allow end-users to work in their preferred language (multilingual interface)
  • Reduce development time to market and cost of localizing applications, managing the whole process directly
  • Deploy in several languages simultaneously, add languages at any time
  • Streamline maintenance (single source code) and distribution (single executable code)
  • Expand commercial markets for existing applications quickly and easily
  • Extend life-cycle of existing applications
  • Support national ethnic groups / regional language differences
  • Enter exotic / niche markets with minimum investment


  • Dynamic change of displayed language: high-performance engine, full developer control
  • Simple, fully-integrated enabling of source code (once only, low profile)
  • Change of language even after window is opened (both displayed and non-displayed elements, e.g. text files)
  • Recognizes contexts and supports rules for defining which elements should be translated
  • Supports all versions of PowerBuilder and all character sets
  • Prints in desired language, without resetting current language
  • Extracts meaningful strings for translation using a fast parser based on PB grammar
  • Runtime resizing of controls and DataWindow objects
  • Modifies translations / adds languages without rebuilding enabled applications
  • Optimised language database protected from unauthorized changes
  • Simple distribution: just install libraries and language database (no DBMS necessary)
  • Workgroup license available: unlimited projects, unlimited languages, no runtime royalties

Use Cases

  • Work in preferred language: multilingual employees, international branches, personnel visiting from abroad
  • Print invoices (as well as fiscal and other documentation) in the language of the client / supplier
  • Change the current language instantly and temporarily to demonstrate the application and its results without interrupting the user session: inspections (audit, quality), external consultants, visits from suppliers/clients, technical / user support
  • Generate technical logs in the language of support personnel
  • Enhance communications between developers and end users by activating Enable Explorer at runtime: testing, development and remote technical support

Multilingual Features