Enable 2022 is available!

Integrate UI Localization in your CI/CD pipeline

The CI/CD features from Enable 2022 allow smooth integration with automated build processes.

No Coding

PowerBuilder developers just have to integrate Enable to the Application

Translations are stored in a multilingual database:
Adding new languages or updating existing translations can be done at anytime
No need to modify the source code or the executable
Developers maintain only one source code for all the languages

Dynamic Translation

The Enable Designer allows you to translate the application and adapt the user interface in runtime (Controls, DataWindow objects).

No matter how complex the application is, adapting a screen with the Designer is as simple as editing a Microsoft Office Document.

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Release Note

Multilingual Features

Developer decides which parts / controls to translate
Add languages without rebuilding enabled applications
Supports all versions of PowerBuilder and all character sets
Prints in desired language, without resetting current language
Simple distribution: just install libraries and language database (no DBMS necessary)
Developer license: multi-project, no runtime royalties


Single source code,
single user application

Developers using Enable obtain just one source code which is compiled into just one multilingual application. Subsequent changes to the language database, including the revision of translations and the unrestricted addition of new languages, are made without altering the source code or the executable code in any way.


Simple, low profile enabling of source code

An application becomes multilingual with Enable by making minor changes to the source code, mainly within the Application Framework. These tweaks reflect the way the developer wishes to interact with the translation engine. Program legibility is retained thanks to a series of APIs designed to minimize the impact of localization on the original programs.

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Enable Architecture

Enable in action

  • Work in preferred language: international branches, personnel visiting from abroad
  • Print invoices (fiscal and other documentation) in the language of the client / supplier
  • Change the current language instantly and temporarily to demonstrate the application and its results without interrupting the user session: inspections (audit, quality), external consultants, visits from suppliers/clients, technical / user support
  • Generate technical logs in the language of support personnel
  • Enhance communications between developers and end users by activating Enable Explorer at runtime: testing, development and remote technical support


Contents of your Enable package

Enable consists of a translation engine (in PBD and DLL format), an authoring tool to administer the multilingual database, translation tools and related documentation.
Enable’s libraries are compiled for the main versions of PowerBuilder. The quick start materials provided (documentation and source code) allow licensed workgroups to become productive without delay.

3 steps from start to finish

Step one is to add the Enable initialization code to the application, link it with the translation engine and then capture most of the source phrases using Enable Extractor. All this takes just a few minutes.

Step two represents the transformation cycle, during which the remaining source phrases are captured, exported for translation and re-imported. At this stage, Enable Explorer is activated to resize and move controls and DWOs, considering the revised space requirements of the translated text.

Step three is about finalizing and deploying the new multilingual application.

Subsequent updates

Every time the multilingual application is updated, the translation engine (or Extractor) captures the new strings and adds them to the language database. These strings are then translated and the revised multilingual database is distributed.

Royalty-free libraries

Enable’s royalty-free libraries in PBD and DLL format are distributed to end users together with the multilingual database, which is protected from unauthorised changes.


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